Taste Problems The Cause
Taste of Chlorine Chlorinated water
Metallic Taste Probably Iron
Salty-brackish High Chlorides
Odour Problems The Cause
Rotten-Egg Odour Hydrogen Sulphide
Earthy, Musty or Fishy Organic matter
Methane-like Gas Smell Organic decomposition
Colour Problems The Cause
Reddish-Brown Tint Presence of Iron
Blackish Tint Presence of Manganese
Yellowish Tint Presence of Tannins

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Removing Odour, Taste and Discolouration

Carbon Filters

Carbon or Activated Carbon is a filter media which is found in the form of granules, powder or blocks. It is produced by heating coal, wood or coconut shells up to 800 – 900 degrees Celsius in the absence of air. This process creates a highly porous absorbent material. The carbon has millions upon millions of tiny passage ways going from one side to the other.

As the water passes through, everything that is suspended in the water is trapped in the carbon. Activated Carbon is used by all companies in the bottled water industry. It is extremely effective in removing suspended solids, organic matter, colour, odour and taste; it also removes chlorine, fluoride and a large number of toxins and other unwanted substances.

Provided that the water is of reasonably good quality it will go on working for many years. A 10” by 35” Carbon Filter used in a domestic situation will normally give a very good service for 5 to 10 years.

When the Carbon has absorbed as much as it can, it then needs to be replaces with new Activated Carbon, which is relatively inexpensive, and you start all over again.

The Drinking Water System is a Carbon Filter, and that will usually give you drinking water for a number of years. Then just the Carbon Cartridge itself is replaced, and again not expensive.

Standard Carbon Filter Sizes

  • 10” by 17”
  • 10” by 22”

  • 10” by 35”

  • 10” by 44”

  • 12” by 48”

  • 13” by 54”

They are also available in other sizes.

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