The Problem (Iron & Manganese)

Iron and Manganese cause staining of sinks and baths and may also cause staining of laundry, especially whites. The Iron causes a brown rusty colour, whereas the Manganese, which is a metal similar to Iron, causes a blackish staining. Iron in water is often accompanied by Manganese and both have a tendency to clog pipes after several years.

Iron is often accompanied by a rotten egg smell i.e. Hydrogen Sulphide and that may come from a non-dangerous type of bacteria, or from sulphurous rock.

Iron and Manganese can also cause a bitter taste in drinking water, tea, whiskey and so on and may cause the whiskey to go black. The presence of Iron or Manganese is often detected when Milton is added to water to sterilise a baby’s bottle, as the Milton will cause the Iron or Manganese to oxidise and cause them to discolour the water.

Before Iron and Manganese are oxidised, they are said to be in solution, in that state the water will be perfectly clear as it exits from the cold kitchen tap, however, a high pH like Milton, or a high temperature like boiling, or simply by leaving it rest in the attic tank will cause it to oxidise i.e. to rust and become discoloured and very slowly deposit at the bottom of the tank.

If there is also Lime in the water, the scale formed will be brown in colour.

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The Solution to Iron & Manganese

The Iron and Manganese Removal Filters remove the excess Iron and Manganese from the water and in addition to that they also remove the lime totally from the water. There are two models, depending on the pH. An analysis of the water will establish which of the two models you require.An Acid Neutralising Filter needs to be installed to raise the pH in some cases.

If there is a smell from the water, take a look at Hydrogen Sulphide.

If there is Ammonia in the water, take a look at Ammonia.

If there are low concentrations of Hydrogen Sulphide or Ammonia, they too can both be removed using an Iron and Manganese Removal Filter, but only at low concentrations.

If a glass of water taken from the cold kitchen tap is allowed to stand undisturbed for two or three days, the Iron will settle on the bottom of the glass, but if it doesn’t, if it remains suspended and has a yellowish tint to it, then in that situation, it is not Iron, but most probably Tannin. In that case take a look at Tannin in Water.

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